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Message From The 821 Project

Greatly concerned by the rise of religious intolerance and xenophobia in our nation and world, The 821 Project wishes to highlight the purpose of our organization: global citizenship strengthened by social justice and intercultural education.

The 821 Project exists because of the desperate need for greater multicultural understanding and social justice in our local, national and global community. Before action takes place, we must be willing to educate ourselves on the issues taking place in our communities, as well as be aware of both ourselves and our neighbors of all walks of life.

Just as there is work to be done nationally and globally, this work is imperative locally. The growing diversity and multiculturalism of our city and region, as well as the presence of complex issues concerning racism, xenophobia, religious intolerance and other forms of injustice require inclusive and multicultural solutions and collaborations. A failure to do so will stagnate our ability to be economically successful nationally and globally, and stop us from reaching our potential to be a vibrant and inclusive city and region.

821 looks forward to developing more programming and opportunities to empower all people in our local community towards embracing and celebrating our differences, as well as to challenge the systems of oppression and misunderstanding that create more insecurity than security.

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