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Accessing Virtual Events

Some events hosted by The 821 Project may be hosted in a virtual format. Please see the list of instructions below for help in participating! 


Using A Computer

  1. If you are using a computer to access a virtual event, please click either the Zoom or Google Meet link provided in the event information/description.

  2. For events that are hosted by Google, you will not need an access code to access the session, but you will need to be granted access to the session. Access will be granted once you log in.

  3. For events hosted by Zoom, you may need to enter the appropriate access code to access the session.

  4. It is not required that you video-conference to participate in our virtual events, but please make sure that both your audio and video settings are working prior to the session.

  5. Please note that a personal account with Zoom or Google is NOT required to participate in any virtual events.


Using A Phone

  1. If you are calling into a virtual event by cell phone and are using a United States-based cell phone, you will need to call the appropriate U.S. number that has been assigned for the event.

  2. You may also need to enter the appropriate code for the event.


Using The Google Meet or Zoom App

  1. If using a smartphone or tablet, please download the Google Meet or Zoom app from the App Store (Apple) or from Google Play (Android). This app will make it easier to participate in virtual events and prevent possible technical difficulties.

  2. You may be required to enter a code to enter virtual events hosted on either Google Meet or Zoom. When using these apps, enter the appropriate code to enter the meeting.

  3. A Zoom or Google account is NOT required to participate in virtual events, even if an app is used.

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