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After The Storm: Hurricane Ida Recovery

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

As a southeast Louisiana-based organization, we find ourselves devastated and heartbroken in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Many of our homes are destroyed by water and wind, some of our neighborhoods are without power for indefinite periods of time, and we are waiting in agonizingly long lines at gas pumps and grocery stores. Some who evacuated and traveled hundreds of miles from home are unsure when they can return home or what they will return home to.

Southeast Louisiana has begun the long journey of rebuilding. This journey will look different for each resident of the region, but we have collectively experienced deep loss, trauma, and disruption. We've also stepped up for one another in big and small ways. It is our hope that this solidarity continues in the months and years to come, and is supported by our neighbors across the country and world. Louisiana's people are resilient, but we cannot get through this recovery alone.


Below is a list of resources and information for the affected parts of southeast Louisiana. There are resources here for those looking for a place to make grocery, get gas, grab a bite to eat, or simply cool off. You can also check this list if you want to donate or volunteer.

Hopefully, this list will help you easily figure out what is available.

Please note that this list is not conclusive due to the ever-changing nature of our ongoing recovery and the sheer magnitude of humanitarian efforts in our community. If you see something that is missing, incorrect, or outdated, please email us at so that it can be included or corrected!

Greater Baton Rouge Area Resources

Need to charge your phone, cool off or grab coffee?

Greater New Orleans Area and Northshore Resources Live in New Orleans and want to know what’s open, where to get a bite to eat or where to cool off? Check out this Google Doc maintained by local NOLA area residents for resources.

Need Food?

Culture Aid NOLA - This organization is also looking for volunteers to help with food distribution!

Little Woods Co-Op (message them on Instagram for food delivery)

Places to get gas and make grocery (this link also includes locations in the Greater Baton Rouge)

Want To Support Rebuilding?

River Parishes

Florida Parishes

Coastal Louisiana Resources (Terrebonne, Lafourche, Plaquemines Parishes)

General Southeast Louisiana Resources (these organizations serve multiple regions in the impacted area)

Federal and State Resources

Community Aid and Help


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