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We respect the overall complexities of human identity and we acknowledge and validate the presence of the diverse cultures and identities within our community. We believe in intercultural competence, which refers to the ability to have positive interactions with diverse people in interpersonal, professional and community settings. 

We recognize that both our local and global communities are interconnected, and we must deepen our nderstandings of and empathy for the human and geographic diversity of our planet. 

Cultural Awareness

Global Citizenship

We work to ensure that all community members feel connected to their community and feel empowered to participate by examining personal prejudices and bias and working towards personal growth. We support organizations, institutions, events and businesses that work to uplift everyone, especially our marginalized community members. We promote ideas and practices of inclusion and we critically analyze policies that may be exclusionary to marginalized community members. 

We work to understand social issues taking place in our local, national and global community. We also recognize that systems of oppression and prejudice impact the life experiences of our local, national and global community members. 

Multicultural Community Empowerment

Social Consciousness

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