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About The 821 Project

The 821 Project is a 501 c(3) nonprofit organization based in southeast Louisiana that promotes global citizenship by providing intercultural education programs. The organization seeks to accomplish the following goals: 


  • Support the growing cultural and geographic diversity of the region through a variety of participatory community education methods such as inter-group dialogue, music, art and workshops 

  • Increase community cohesion by attracting culturally and demographically diverse people to programs 

  • Challenge issues connected to intolerance, bigotry, marginalization and inequity through education by focusing on topics such as 

  • Establish southeast Louisiana as a center for global citizenship education and international collaboration on a regional, national and global level

  • Increase support for the principles of global citizenship in the southeast Louisiana community in an effort to influence policy and structural change

  • Promote multicultural community empowerment in the region and beyond 




Communities that nurture diversity, embrace global citizenship and challenge injustice are resilient in an increasingly turbulent and disempowering world. The 821 Project creates educational and empowering spaces for our community to learn about the world they live in, form meaningful and fulfilling intercultural relationships and learn from the experiences of others. 


The 821 Project essentially brings the community together to better understand what keeps us apart. Whether it is through dialogue, workshops, community summits or travel, we believe that when we work to consistently expand our understandings of the world, our community members and ourselves, we will begin to see the humanity that exists in the people we coexist with. We will also embrace practices and policies that work for everyone, not just those who come from the same places and spaces that we come from. 


More importantly, we will see our world as a place to explore and improve, not fear or merely survive in. 


  • More people living in southeast Louisiana who feel comfortable expressing themselves culturally and empowering others to do the same 

  • Increased attitudes of openness towards global citizenship and social consciousness among community leaders, economic leaders, political leaders and the overall community living in southeast Louisiana

  • More community members challenging marginalizing and disempowering perspectives, policies and practices that may result in discrimination, prejudice and cultural misunderstanding in their communities 

  • Greater interpersonal, educational and professional relationships and collaborations that are cross-cultural and intersectional

  • Institutions, organizations, business, and governments that work towards equality and justice as well as see the value of diversity and multiculturalism

  • Greater community cohesion and investment. 

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