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Tea and Truth Dialogue Series


Our Tea and Truth Dialogue Series is a monthly dialogue series that builds community, decreases polarization and promotes education on what's happening in our world. Tea and Truth is a place where diverse people can share their stories, experiences, struggles, triumphs, opinions and knowledge with others in the community. Events such as these create a ripple effect. Changed perspectives means changed relationships, changed policies and a changed community culture. The more we know about ourselves and one another, the more inclusive and socially responsible our economic, social, cultural and even political choices will be. 

Tea and Truth is not a workshop or class. It is an interactive dialogue that is centered on community knowledge, experience and vulnerability. If you are in the local area and are interested, passionate or curious, feel free to attend! You don't need to be an expert on a topic to attend. It is a free opportunity to express yourself, practice public speaking, meet new people, learn about others, and most importantly, learn more about yourself. 

Past Tea and Truths

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