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The 821 Project provides intercultural and global citizenship education programming to the residents of southeast Louisiana. We define this education as involving the following: 


  • Teaching cultural humility and the importance of diversity in thought, identity, and experience

  • Learning about other regions of the country and the world

  • Understanding the connections between our local and global community

  • Promoting respect and appreciation for human differences

  • Learning about the types of social issues that impact our local, national and global community

  • Promoting intercultural communication and competency skills 

  • Developing meaningful interpersonal relationships that are cross-cultural

  • Breaking social barriers that may lead to intercultural miscommunication and misunderstandings


The 821 Project deeply values social justice. To our organization, social justice involves the following: 


  • Critical and analytical thinking skills that help to develop stronger solutions to sociopolitical issues

  • Uplifting and empowering marginalized voices

  • Challenging the “isms” and biases that exist in our daily lives  

  • Understanding the complexities of the human experience 

  • Decreasing polarization by promoting meaningful dialogue among individuals who have cultural, political and social differences 

  • Being able to identify the different forms of marginalization and oppression

  • Understanding what it means to have power and privilege in our society

  • Ensuring that everyone is given the same respect, value and empathy in our daily interactions

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