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821's Pop-Up Store With Double Good

The 821 Project is celebrating five years of work in the southeast Louisiana community as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization!

Since our first event in December 2016, we've hosted over 40 community events to build bridges and reconnect our disconnected community, ranging from speaker panels to community dialogues, organization fairs, and workshops. We're also provided a platform for community members from 10 countries and a diversity of backgrounds to share their stories and experiences through our "Expanding Our Roots" interview series.

Help support the work and vision of The 821 Project by making a purchase at our Pop Up Store. Fifty percent of proceeds from your purchases will go to The 821 Project. Funds will support not only the current operations of The 821 Project also our future work and vision for the community.

This fundraiser ends at midnight on Friday, December 10th.


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