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Global Organization Fair


There are many organizations in southeast Louisiana working for positive social change. They look to a future where youth are free from violence, where refugees and immigrants receive the support and resources necessary to become a part of our communities, and where everyone, whether they be across the street or across the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific are connected. Unfortunately, infrastructure, identity and history related conflicts diminishes the opportunity for collaboration among these organizations. 

The 821 Project believes that collaboration is pivotal to reconnecting people to one another and to themselves. Therefore, the purpose of our Global Organization Fair is to create a forum for organizations, entities and businesses that promote global citizenship, social consciousness, cultural awareness and multicultural community empowerment in the region to one another. We also want to create a forum for community members to identify how they can expand their roots to the world. 


We want to make sure that in a region that is growing everyday, everyone has an opportunity to belong to something. 

Past Global Organization Fairs

Global Organization Fair (official flyer
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