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Statement On The Events of January 6th In Washington, DC

While The 821 Project is and always will remain a nonpartisan, we wake up concerned and alarmed after the events of January 6th in Washington, D.C.

The violence and desecration of congressional halls and offices is a direct result of months and disinformation and anti-democratic incitement. Furthermore, the disproportionate response to yesterday's events compared to the often harsh response that peaceful protesters against racial and environmental injustice receive demonstrates a racial double standard in this country.

As we enter a New Year deeply divided and ravaged by a pandemic of racism and a pandemic of COVID-19, political leaders must stop nurturing polarization by spreading messages disinformation, bigotry and propagandic messages. These messages incite violence and obstruct collaborative efforts to improve the lives of everyday Americans.

Furthermore, we must learn to not be threatened when historically marginalized and vulnerable populations step into their political power en masse. A country that works to improve the lives of the most vulnerable is a country that will empower and improve the lives of ALL its people.


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