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Statement On DOJ Decision

Recognizing the disappointment and despondency in the community upon hearing the DOJ’s decision in the case of Mr. Alton Sterling, The 821 Project would like to reaffirm its values of social consciousness, global citizenship, cultural humility and multicultural community empowerment in Baton Rouge and beyond.

We applaud all efforts made by community and political leaders to improve police/community relations and expand awareness of racism since last summer’s tragic events. We must continue to address the poverty, geographic segregation, cultural exclusion, and disenfranchisement of African Americans in our local community. At the same time, we must also avoid silencing marginalized voices as we seek to unify the community.

Our approach to issues such as racial injustice and improving police/community relations must be intersectional, multicultural and purposeful. They must also consist of action-oriented dialogue, civic engagement, and education.

The 821 Project will continue to provide programming for the local community that promotes not only diversity, but social consciousness and value for all people, regardless of what side of town or part of the world they live in.

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