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Tea and Truth Syllabi: Media, Oppression and Empowerment

Felicity Jones and Diego Luna in Star Wars: Rogue One. Image via Lucasfilm

We have compiled a list of selected articles and media content related to our Tea and Truth topic "Media, Oppression and Empowerment." Hopefully, these selections will encourage you to dig deeper and expand your understandings on this topic!

Media Narratives and Bias

Anxiety About Muslim Refugees Is Stoked Online By The Far Right Media by Caitlin Dickerson

WATCH: Don’t normalize white supremacy, the president of Media Matters tells journalists by Matthew Smith

Soledad O’Brien Calls Out Media For ‘Normalizing White Supremacy’ by Zeba Blay

Understanding bias from the American Press Institute

Asylum seekers continue to be stigmatised by the British press by Adrian Thomas

Where media fails on the reporting of migrants and refugees by Roy Greenslade

Racial Bias and Media Coverage of Violent Crime by Lisa Wade, Ph.D.

Throw Away the Script: How Media Bias Is Killing Black America by Kirsten West Savali

Representation And Diversity Issues In Media

Hollywood Has A Major Diversity Problem, USC Study Finds by Eric Deggans

Representation Is a Trend on TV — But Not Network TV by Manuel Betancourt

More diversity in film and TV? New report says women and minorities are actually falling behind by Scott Collins

Unconscious stereotypes slow newsroom diversity by Sally Lehrman

Where’s the diversity in media? How newsrooms fail to reflect America and why it matters by Alicia Shepard

Where Are All the Minority Journalists? by Gillian B. White

4 ways newsrooms can address a lack of diversity by the Columbia Journalism Review

USC Diversity Report: Latinos Get Less Than 6% of TV and Film Roles by Andrew S. Vargas

Queer Representation in Film and Television by MediaSmarts

Exit By First Black Female ‘Today’ Show Co-Host Called ‘Whitewashing’ By Journalists’ Group by Sara Bodoltz

Showrunners for New TV Season Remain Mostly White and Male by Maureen Ryan

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards

The 2017 Grammy nominations are surprisingly just as diverse as ever by Kevin O'Keefe

The 2017 Grammys Have No Answers by Amanda Petruisch

#GrammysSoWhite Came To Life. Will The Awards Face Its Race Problem? by Jon Caramanica

Grammys 2017: Chance The Rapper Wins Best New Artist, Ignores Playoff Music by Eric Eidelstein

Why We Must Make Sure All Stories Have A Seat At The Table

Audi #DriveProgress Big Game Commercial – “Daughter”

Diego Luna shares touching story of why representation in film matters by Jerico Mandybur

Hidden Figures Tops Box Office Sales During Martin Luther King Weekend by De Elizabeth

Reel Representation: New ‘Star Wars’ films bring much-needed diversity to Hollywood by Olivia Mazzucato

Study Finds TV Shows With Ethnically Diverse Writers Have Higher Ratings by Cynthia Lee

Finally, the Academy Acknowledges Black Stories Don’t All Have to Be About Oppression or Slavery by Aisha Harris

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