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821 wants to ensure that we remain a space that connects our community, whether we are online or offline, and especially under difficult times. 
Join us for a "digital" Tea and Truth on Thursday, April 9th. We will be hosting TWO, one hour sessions of Tea and Truth Digital on the same day.  On Thursday, we will be discussing our own personal definitions of "social responsibility," how it is relevant to this current global health crisis, and whether or not American culture encourages us to be socially responsible people. 


To sign up for a session, please visit the link below. Once you are registered, you will receive a calendar invite to the digital Tea and Truth as well as detailed instructions on how to participate. You will have the option of either videoconferencing or calling in to the session. Please note that there is a limit of 10 people per session.


You do not need a Google account to participate. However, if you have a Google email address, you can download the FREE app Google Meet if you will be using an iPhone or Android to participate. 

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