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The 821 Project promotes global citizenship in the local south Louisiana community by providing intercultural and social justice education programming. To be a global citizen means to assume an active role to resolve issues and challenges in our world, including our own communities. It also means working to create a more inclusive and peaceful world for all people. We can all be global citizens by teaching, volunteering and serving as activists. Traveling to experience other cultures is also a form of global citizenship.


We are launching a photo campaign titled #IAm821. This photo campaign is designed to highlight the many ways that members of our local community are showing global citizenship and raising awareness of other cultures and social issues taking place in the world. What can you do to make lives better and improve your local and global community?


This photo campaign lasts until December 31, 2017.


Step 1: On a white sheet of paper, poster, or whiteboard, write down #IAm821. State the reason you feel that you practice global citizenship. This can be done individually, or with friends, family, or a large group. 


Step 2: Take a photo of you, or your group, holding the sign. Whether it is an individual shot or a group shot, make sure that the message is readable.


Step 3: Share your photo in the following ways

  1. Upload to Facebook and tag us @the821project in your photo.  Write your description as the caption for your photo. 

  2. Upload to Instagram and tag us @the821project. Write your description as the caption for your photo. 

  3. If you don’t have social media, email us at info@the821project with your photo, your description and we will post it for you. 


Here are some sample responses:


-         #IAm821 because I am interested in learning about other cultures.

-         #IAm821 because I want to learn/am studying another language.

-         #IAm821 because I teach my students about social issues…

-         #IAm821 because I believe in social justice…

-         #IAm821 because I volunteer with a church to help refugee families integrate into my community.

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