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The Resiliency in Communities After Stress and Trauma (ReCAST) Grant Program is a federal grant program designed to assist high-risk youth and families who live in communities that have experienced trauma due to civil unrest or other community adversities. This program allows community organizations and institutions to collaborate and develop initiatives, programs and strategies to accomplish these goals:


  • Promote community resilience and equity

  • Reduce and prevent violence

  • Engage youth and young adults in their community

  • Improve access to behavioral health services

  • Address both personal and community-based forms of trauma 


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has allocated five-year awards to eight urban communities across the United States in the form of ReCAST grants to address various forms of trauma in their communities as well as to promote community resilience. Past and present communities have included Chicago, Oakland, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Dallas, Milwaukee and Flint, Michigan. 

Due to the civil unrest and widespread flooding that took place in Baton Rouge during the summer of 2016, the city of Baton Rouge was deemed eligible to receive a ReCAST grant award in late 2017. 



The 821 Project is honored to be a ReCAST coalition member and work with several organizations in the Baton Rouge community to address trauma and promote community resiliency. Recognizing that global citizenship requires us to be engaged in our communities and empower others to make a difference wherever they live, we believe that the goals and objectives of the ReCAST grant initiative complement our organization's mission and goals. 


We look forward to working with a diverse group of institutions, organizations, and leaders to reconcile the trauma brought on by the tumultuous events of last summer in addition to promoting resiliency in all of our community members. 


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World Humanitarian Day (background) (2).

As a recipient of the ReCAST grant, The 821 Project will work to specifically address the civil unrest regarding the death of Alton Sterling and the police ambush. Our programs will include the following. 


  • Developing a peacebuilding dialogue series to strengthen relationships between disenfranchised youth and law enforcement officers.

  • Developing youth engagement and outreach strategies 


All of these programs will achieve the ReCAST grant's outlined goals while also promoting 821's key values: multicultural community empowerment, cultural awareness, social consciousness and global citizenship. We believe that these values are not only complementary to resolving community trauma but imperative. 

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